Dec 9 2014

Dot Files and Linux Part 2

And i still don’t do it, some times you constantly repeat the same mistakes :)Screenshot - 091214 - 15:47:26

May 11 2014

Dot Files and Linux

Why oh why do I not save dot files? Whenever I come to making changes to my Linux desktops I always have the same problem, “now where did that old .Xresources file go, it would look really good with this setup”. And so as always I will spend hours either making new ones or finding something that I like that someone else has created and modify it for my own use. So from today I’m going to create a special page to save all my different types of dot and general Linux config files.


Feb 15 2013

Blame Everyone

First they blamed the French
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a French.

Then they blamed the Romanians,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Romanian.

Then they blamed foxes
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a fox.

Then they blamed anyone but “us” for eating the horsemeat,
and I didn’t speak out because it couldn’t be us.

Then they came to Yorkshire
Oh shit!!!

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Feb 14 2013

Cancelling Sky TV

Me: hi I’d like to cancel my Sky TV please

Costumer Service: Why do you want to cancel it

Me: because I don’t use it

Costumer Service: so why did you sign up for it?

Me: does it mater? I just want to cancel it

Costumer Service: you have a really good deal

Me: I don’t really care because I don’t use it, can I just cancel it please?skytv

Costumer Service: people that sign up now don’t get as good deal as you have got

Me: that really isn’t my problem, I don’t use it, therefore I don’t want it

Costumer Service: how do you find Sky+ do you use it much?

Me: this phone call is costing me money, can you just cancel my account

Costumer Service: you should think really hard before cancelling such a good deal

Me: I have now cancel my account please!!!

Costumer Service: your account is now cancelled blah blah blah

Me: thank you

Costumer Service: May I ask you a few questions for our survey?

Me: geez, no, goodbye

Jan 17 2013

Computer updating

snapshot5I do like it when my computer tell me

“:: Synchronising package databases…

core is up to date

extra is up to date

community is up to date

multilib is up to date::

Starting full system upgrade…

there is nothing to do

Jan 8 2013

Old Internet Friends, Geeky Macintosh and IRC

Well after spending most of the daytime in bed I decided to do some searching for old Internet friends from way back. I ended up sitting in a irc channel #Chatzone  on just in case someone dropped by.

A few things I should quickly explain first IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and Macintosh was Apple’s computers before they became a fashion item for those that don’t know.apple_macintosh_02_full

Way back in 1995 I went out and spent £2000 on a brand new Apple Macintosh Performa 630 this was the first computer I had bought with my own money (well a bank loan) along with a 33.6 modem. The funny thing back then was that only geeks used Apple computers.  I signed up for Demon internet and I was away, a new world had arrived on my door step. This all before the world of Facebook, twitter and all the other social media sites, at the time even things like Skype hadn’t arrived, in the quest for more info and a little mischief, I found this little program called Homer, a irc client for the apple Macintosh.

The program always signed up to the same server unless you changed the settings,, at first I spent my time on there causing general trouble and mischief, mainly after returning from the pub a little worse for wear, after all I was a anarchist and probably no shock to most people that know me ;)

However as time went on I really got to like the server, it was only small place unlike freenode today or EFnet back then and had in fact just split from the EFnet network. The channels I spent my time included #Macintosh and #Chatzone, later I also used EFnet mainly in #anarchopunk chatting to Israeli punks along with a guy from a American band called A//political and another English punk who later moved to America.

snapshot1My home though was always, my nickname there was Rebel most of the time (I’m sure I also used another name but can’t remember). Over time I gained the trust of the people that looked after this small server which had a average of between 30-50 users with the main room being #Chatzone and eventuality becoming an op (channel operator) for the two channels I used along with towards the end  a ircop (server operator). Some of the names I remember included Decameron, Broken, qoreQ, xhavok Smirnoff, Giggles, Patrick^ SkiWV, KC Jones, mariab and lalune, along with many more that I can no longer remember and of course not forgetting @Frankie the eggdrop bot, one of the people I spoke to often was lalune from Canada, a rather genuine, intelligent woman that spent loads of her time looking after the server and making it a safe place for people to talk without all the crap you would get EFnet.

One of the great things about the server looking back was how helpful and the learning experience it gave me, it certainly give me plenty of understanding of computers and introduced me to the world of Linux, along with the fact that it gave me the chance to talk to people who I wouldn’t normally have encountered and from far off places.

So back to my search, I did find out a few things about 5 years ago a message was posted here!topic/alt.irc/TweFgAmORjQ from Decameron that some of the people that I knew back then were meeting up on another server, From there I ended up on #epix with a little help from Patrick^ and amazingly to my shock a number of the old faces from the days and nights of are still around on irc, including lalune, Decameron, Patrick^ (spent most of his time inside Frankie), qoreQ, xhavok and appl/muldar. Sadly Frankie is no more though.

I can honestly say it’s been great catching up with all the people there.



Jan 6 2013


Well instead of finishing my posts here and sorting out my main computer and harnessing the speed of the SSD disk, I’ve mainly spent the day in bed reading a couple of books “All power to the Councils” which is a really good documentary history of the German revolution of 1918-1918 and “Unix and Linux System Administration” Handbook as I’m planning on building a fully working server on my second desktop based on Arch Linux operating system.

I am also half way through writing a review of Arch Linux that hopefully will be finished soon.

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Jan 4 2013


Right I love watching football sadly more often than not it’s on TV because I’m either to tired from work or to lazy to visit my old town to see Chesterfield play. However what really pisses me off is listening to footballers and managers moaning all the time. Sorry but you are all total ass-holes, you earn more for 90 minutes playing a sport than most of us will do in a decade, let alone those of us that do socially useful jobs. The world sucks for most working class people, we struggle to get by on a daily basis, what with cuts in wages and ever increasing rises in bills and food. So my only thought is shut up moaning and get a fucking life.

Jan 4 2013

Get off My Foreskin

Circumcision what’s it really all about? Religious nonsense? Cultural nonsense? Hygiene? Look?

Religion, of all the reasons this has to be the most abusive of them all, while the “the 3 big religions” have all practised it at some point in time, based on rite of passage or religious ritual, i.e. bollocks, myth and nonsense based on books written over 2000 years ago when the human race couldn’t even figure out that the earth wasn’t flat or most things we take for granted in the modern world today and lets not forget these rituals are performed on young kids and even babies.


To be honest I don’t really care, but the key to this like most thing is informed consent.

I’m sure I’ll add more to this as the day goes on :)

Jan 4 2013

Welcome to my random blog!

Welcome to my blog, expect it to be very random, covering many subjects and lots of typos and general nonsense :)